Experience at the Witch’s Ball

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

Contributed by Asoulwatcher13@xxxxxx.com

I myself, live about a mile from the Witches Ball. As a visitor of Myrtle Hill Cemetery almost everyday i can tell you my experiences there. I have never seen a black rose or leaves surrounding the ball. However, I have many times layed my hands upon her grave and felt the cold or hot. My creepiest moment. A warm (and i mean warm) June day, My friend and I were walking among the dead, and freely speaking. I laid my hands upon the ball and it was freezing cold, I immediately took them off the grave and a relatively calm breeze became extreme and this is broad day light. I went back that night and saw the eerie figure coming out of the woods. I have never been afraid of “ghosts”, but this time i felt scared and definitely RAN!!!

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