A warning from the current owner

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

Contributed by Anna

I have been reading your stories about the witches ball and all the hype…. I just wanted to say that I am now the current owner of the house where all this supposed murdering occurred. Granted, this may have happened. But it would not be associated with the witches ball. The person who did the Murdering was a lady named Wise, who did not own the home until the 1950s, according to court records. The person buried under the witches ball is one of the original owners of the home…the Stoskopf family. And many of their relatives still reside in Valley City.
I have lived here for 8 years and haven’t seen glowing walls, or bleeding ceilings, or slamming doors yet. Nor has it been turned into an office building…Geez! It just goes to show you that some people have extraordinary imaginations.
I have, however, been known to scare off teenagers who drive over here to look in my windows hoping to see a ghost, only to be met by a very unhappy ME! And they should know that they should be far more worried about the living then the dead.
We have had some “out of the ordinary” occurrences. But nothing life threatening, scary or anything to be concerned about. The house just needed someone to love it. And we do.
The reason the witches ball is cool during the hot sun of the morning is because Granite, which the ball is made of, is cooled down significantly with the cold of the evening, and it is warm at night, because it takes all day to heat it up, and stays warm most of the night. So people need to stop visiting, having rituals and most of all, need to stop knocking it off it’s perch, which requires a crane to return it to it place, at an expense to the family when it happens.
Nothing magical, creepy or otherwise will happen when visiting the site. Only over active imaginations seeing things created by their own minds.
If you have any questions, I would be happy to give you answers, or perhaps find out for you. But people really do need to relax about this house. And stop peeking in my windows before someone really gets hurt!

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