From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

Contributed by Lindsey

Hi. People say it’s a joke but my current boyfriend’s brother is buried there and believe me it’s no joke. As a child he was very interested in this and a friend of his family researched the name on the ball Stoskopf. It is the name of a woman who believed she was a witch. My boyfriend knew the family who rented out a house to the Stoskopf family. It was in Valley City where all this took place and the house still stands. He told me that the house was rented out to other families after the time she murdered her family but people would move out after being there a month. It was said that the basement wall would light up having something to do with the rituals she held in her back yard. He told me he will drive me by the house some day which is now a office building. The only thing he said that was different was that she killed her family with a ax. It’s all scary to me because the first time me and my friends went their we got a flat tire on the way home.
-Lindsey, Brunswick Ohio

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