House on Hampshire Road (Cleveland Heights)


A good friend of mine used to live in Cleveland for a while. I visited him a few times and we would walk around in various neighborhoods. There was this house on Hampshire Road in Cleveland Heights that was supposed to be haunted. We walked by it a few times. It was a large, foreboding structure that was fairly well kept even though the story had it that nobody ever saw anyone go near it. We always walked by at night and there was never a sign of life except for a malevolent orange light, akin to that projected by a candle, suspended in the middle of one room on the top floor. Every time it was the same. My friend said that none of the utility meters were running, no one was ever there, etc.

This was in 2002-03. I haven’t been there since. We were usually pretty pissed in one way or another, so I don’t remember much in the way of details. I’ve been thinking of taking a trip up there. I was wondering if you knew anything about this place? I know roughly where to go and all that. I was looking for more in the way of legend. I’ve scoured a bunch of sites and I can’t find anything.



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  1. I have been to the house. In fact I grew up in Cleveland Heights and as a teenager I broke into the house.

  2. I've known of that house since around 1993… and its always been the same.. light on and no one there. We would walk up to the porch and look in only to see all the furniture covered in white sheets like something out of a movie.. I would LOVE to know the story of that house!!!

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