Weirdest Place in Cleveland

Cool blog! Franklin Castle is downright evil.

I visited the old Masonic lodge on Franklin Blvd. As soon as I walked in chills ran down my spine. The Masons told me that all kinds of weird things go on in the building and that no one would even consider spending the night there. A local psychic told me that the building is some kind of portal to another place and she had seen multiple entities while in the building. If you’re looking for something that’s truly creepy then this is the place.


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3 thoughts on “Weirdest Place in Cleveland

  1. Franklin castle is a shit hole. It is littered with beer bottles,garbage,and pigeon shit. Its not scary or creepy or anything, I was on the top floor alone after the tour ended and it just smelled like shit and I could hear someones music from their yard down the road. The guy who owns it conducts tours but I really don't think its worth the twenty bucks or two hours.

  2. Good evening. Was wondering if you could help me by letting me know how you got the tour and who to get into contact with. I have done lots of research and been there during day to look outside and I am just fasinated with it along with a few others I have spoken with. Any information would be greatly appreciated. my name is Jennifer my e-mail is: Thank you in advance for your help and time and any info you can give me.

  3. Good evening! My name is Amie and I am a senior in high school doing a research paper on Franklin Castle. I saw a bunch of stuff online about it and this kind of stuff is soooo interesting to me! Do you know if ppl can actually stay over night now? My friend and I are really thinking about doing it in about a week and 1/2. I live about an hour south of Cleveland and I think it would be a great opportunity, especially for my paper! Thanks,
    Amie you can e-mail me at

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