MelonHeads in Kirtland, Ohio

The most common story behind these Mutant little creatures is that a Dr., Crowe to be exact, who lived on Wisner Road,In Kirtland Ohio, ran an orphanage with many children and did various experiments on there brains causing there heads to become larger in proportion to the rest of there bodies. It is said that they roam the woods at night looking for humans, they eat their flesh. The most notable description of a Melon Head is about 3/4 feet tall with a large head, glowing eyes, and sometimes said to have razor teeth. One day the children killed the Dr. as well as his staff. The mutants still roam the area on a killing spree.

Well, I’ve got my own veiws on this. I WENT to Wisner Road in Kirtland, to prove what was real or what was fake. My aunt drove, her friend Meggan, My brothers, and their friend came along. We got lost in the area of Mitchel’s Mill and Wisner, but we kept seeing shadows in the woods and when we came along a black gate in the woods of Wisner Road, we all had that GUT feeling. The kind of feeling that tells you that you aren’t about to be in a good situation. Well my brothers and their friend thought it would be cool, to make them not seem like sissys, to get out of the car. Well they walked down a little side road for a few moments, and my aunt and I got scared, so we beeped the horn several times.. and they RAN back to the car, all diving in. They claim that there was something that ran across the road. It suddenly got extremely foggy outside.Momentarily,my brother,Keith, realized he lost his phone while running back to the car. We were in NO mood, and none of us had the courage, to turn back.

-Alyssa Morrow.

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  1. Hey, im Spider. I live only a few miles from Wisner. I've now been there on three occasions and am admittedly a little dissapointed, as i've never come across anything unusual. The way we went, for those familiar with the layout, was that, once we hit the dead end guardrail about 1/2 mile past the bridge, we walked up the trail to the right for about a mile. Could someone point out where the "house" is for me? Explain how to get there?

  2. I went to wiesner road one nite with a girlfriend of mine and her mom. we all rode in her jeep and it had no windows so it made me even more nervous. well at the beginning of the road there is a feild right next to the road i believe to the right of it and to the left are woods.We had just pulled on to wiesner road and i was looking at the feild because i was sitting on the right side of the jeep. well out of no where I saw this animal running fast through the field.It wasnt tall because i couldn't see its body, I could just see that there was some kind of animal that was running on its two legs like we run.It was running twords the woods where the field ends. And just like it showed up it was gone. Probibly lurking around watching us. it was really creepy. I have alot more to say about creepy wiesner road because i've been there so many times at night. All i can say is dont go there alone unless you want to be extremely freaked out.

  3. I just got back from Wisner Road…My daughter and I went all the way back to where the road becomes dirt, and there's a NO OUTLET sign, over the little bridge, and then to a silver gate, that looks like a horse gate, and little house eerily situated in the woods. There is fresh wood stored in a shed behind the house, but the windows on the actual house appear to be boarded up. We parked the car, and walked about 1/4 mile now the dirt path towards the river. There is a big clearing back there, very beautiful, but my heart was thumping so fast. My daughter who is almost 10 was having fun skipping rocks, but I was on the lookout…I saw some footprints in the sanding heading away from the trail (weird) and then I just got this terrible feeling were we being watched…My daughter and I scrambled out of there, watching behind us the whole time—CREEPY FOR SURE!! I can;t believe that we used to go there all the time in the middle of the night as teenagers and really just party and all the guys would scare the crap out of me…We were there in braod daylight, and it's still pretty scary—Shannon

  4. i believe in the mellon heads personally when i went there we turned the car off and got out then our car would not start it was messed up scared the poop outta me lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and me and my friend wanted to go tonight but our boyfriends are PUSSYSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I just recently looked and couldn't seem to find anything. I probably should have gone down the road to the right after the bridge, although winser road was a bit creepy.

  6. this is for the guy who said he saw one. my teacher–who lived in ohio and went there when he was younger–said that his friend had seen one too, and it was also about four feet tall. that's either a major coincidence or we might actually have something here.

  7. My name is Richard meadows i lived in eastlake growing up and in the mid 70`s my friends and i would drive out to doc crowes after midnite with our girl friends, quite stoned by the way. and park in the docs drive. we all were overcome by a extreamly eire feeling that turned to fright. and a few times we thought we seen a mellon head. they seemed to be around 4 feet tall as i time when there was a full moon,we seen one standing in the creek and bending over drinking out of the stream like a wild animal. it scared the crap out of us.all i can tell you isthat i will never forget those experiences and it was quite a rush.

  8. I went yesterday, we turned off the car. The car windows did get extremely foggy. But we didnt see anything. My friend had went a couple months before us, and swore he saw a man staring at him from the field.. but I didnt see anything.

  9. i went a few days ago with my boyfriend and a group of friends. on the way there, we saw a man standing on the side of the road just staring at us. it gave me the creeps. we pulled up to the bridge and we all got out of our cars. we stood on the bridge for about 10 minutes and we didnt hear anything. we walked along the dirt road. we began seeing things running through the woods and it sounded rather close. we ran back to our cars, but we sat there for about 5 minutes to see if anything would come out, but unfortunatley nothing did. it scared the shit outta me tho. maybe we should go during the day next time rather than midnight…

  10. This "video" is just some guy with an altered voice telling the story of the"Melon Heads" of Connecticut over a picture of a dirt road in a wooded area! Really? In case you didn't notice the header is Creepy Cleveland and Melonheads in Kirtland, Ohio.

  11. Lived in kirtland my whole life. I've seen 3 of them, 2 on mitchells mills road in the summer of 1991 and one on sperry road later that summer. Both sightings were just before day break… they are real.

  12. I bet you can see them tonight. Today is 6-13-14 Friday the 13th! There is a full moon tonight! There wont be another full moon on June 13th until the year 2049! They will be lurking on Mitchell Mills Rd and Wisner Rd. I have seen them too and I have seen them disappear! They are real! Test your fright tonight! Don't be scared!

  13. those Melonhead, i read in a dutch article(i'm from the netherlands) that they are the result of sadistic 'experiments' by a so called 'doctor', is that true?

  14. Doesn't anyone remember The Bridge of the Seven Stars? That bridge on Wisner that goes over the creek–it has (or used to have, in the early '80's) stars spray-painted on it, using a stencil. The story was the Melonheads would add a star for each victim. Although it was called The Bridge of the Seven Stars, there were more than 7.

    To add to the creepiness, Gravity Hill is nearby…which is a real thing, not just a legend.

    I never heard the Melonheads were tiny. In the story I heard, they were normal-size, except for the giant heads. And they were all siblings.

    I have wondered if maybe the Melonheads were actually Melungeons–mixed race social outcasts, living out in the country, away from the super-white people of Kirtland, and the name just got bastardized over the years. Maybe it wasn't the size of their heads or the sharpness of their teeth, but the color of their skin that might be the truth at the base of this legend.

  15. I grew kirtland in the 50s and can tell you that the melon head story began with my brothers class with a boy named Billy Murphy who did have a rather large head. They teased him with "Melon Head" and legends somehow grew from that.

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