I almost forgot.

A couple weeks ago (while pondering the Bloodview Midsummer Nightmare), I worked up a quick Google Map of area haunted houses for this upcoming Halloween season.

Every year, we pick two haunted houses (they’re getting expensive!) to go to and I was trying to get a feel for where they are. Anybody interested in helping out? I think I got all the popular houses (at least the houses that were in operation last year). Do you know of any new ones? Any that I missed?

Any you really, really like?

Let me know. I wanna get scared this year.

Creepy Cleveland Area Haunted Houses

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6 thoughts on “Halloween Haunted Houses

  1. I just went to Pandoras Box saturday. Are you kidding? One of the best I have been too! About 100 actors, Giant castles with animatronic Grim Reaper, CGI Effects, An Actual Rain Forest. The props and actors are top notch. You must of been drunk to think this haunted house is bad. This house Rocked. live bands a chance to win a new dodge charger.

    Thanks, Lee

  2. please,i beg you all to stay away from pandoras box in mentor ohio.trust me when i say it not worth the gas out there nor 25 dollars.5 actors in the whole building,large rooms w/nothing in them,walked a quarter mile almost w/no action.completly sucks!!!!!

  3. you left out Blossom's carnival of horrors. I do not reccommend it though…Not worth the $$
    Also the Mansfield Prison Experience 2007!

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