Question about Wisner/Windsor Rd.

from: Joe Costello

A couple months ago I had to write a 10 page paper on the melon heads for a college class, yes, a college class. For the paper I actually had to go out to what was said to be the sight and take some pictures to show that I was there. Anyway, thank-you, your sight was a big help.
Now for the real reason of this e-mail. From this sight and others like it, I have heard people say that this house is on both Wisner Rd. and Windsor Rd. I was wondering which is true. Also, when I went to “the sight”on Wisner Rd. there were three separate bridges, one that you would cross coming down hill from King Memorial Rd. As you would go on the road kind of splits off, the main road goes left while a dirt road branches off to the right. On this dirt road there are signs about a bridge being out 27 miles down the road. Anyway, right as you turn onto this road there is another smaller bridge, then as you travel less than and 1/8th of a mile more there is one more small bridge with signs saying that the load capacity of the bridge has been lowered by 10%. About 30 feet after the bridge, the road is blocked off with a bunch of wooden barriers. 10 feet before that though is a driveway blocked off by two gaits about 3 to 4 feet high that swing together and lock. This gait is only to keep cars out, but does nothing to prevent people from stepping over or walking around it. This driveway split off almost immediately after the gait one went around to the side somewhere, and one seemed to go up to the hill to what I guess would be the house. Now, I have three questions. Which of these three bridges is cry baby bridge (If Wisner is the right road, and not Windsor)? Is the dirt road that veers off to the right, the right road? And is the house the right house, or is there another empty house further along the road, somewhere past the road block? Any of these that you, or anyone else could answer would be greatly appreciated.

Joe Costello

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8 thoughts on “Question about Wisner/Windsor Rd.

  1. Let me start by saying I live just a short walk down from WISNER RD. I could probably throw a rock and hit the road from my house. Second – you have to keep in mind that, with a bit of research, you'll find that nearly every county of every state has a crybaby bridge. Third, "DR.CROWE" was a real person, but the exact location of his home, I'm not sure. There is a stone cabin in my back woods capable of housing life, including a dark basement with air vents too small for anything to get in OR….ESCAPE? I have heard strange things and seen strange things.

  2. The Road is Called Wisner NOT windsor and if you are traveling south on kirtland chardon road it the part of wisner road you need to turn on will be on your left and if your comming north on kirtland chardon road then you will make a right onto wisner ,, yes the road is a dirt and gravel road and it goes back quite far till you cross cry baby bridge and then if you go back farther you will come to a dead end and a guard rail which then you will have to turn around and go back out.But just so you know the police do go back on this road quite often checking it out and making sure theres nothing suspicious going on. sometimes i think because they are so paranoid that they are trying to keep something undercover for some reason , why else would they even care about the public driving on a public dead end street… people do it all the time in other places but on this road and in that area you can get in trouble for it.. go Figure! .. oh yea and this whole area that is back there is where the Melon Heads are said to dwell, there is a gulch somewheres that is back threw there where rumor is said they live and hide at.,

  3. yes that is the house of Dr. Crowe and the Wisner Road use to be connected and not a dead end with a bridge and that is the original crybaby bridge its not there anymore because two guys drove up and parked and his friend got out of the car and went into the woods the other dude waited in the car and ended up falling asleep. He woke up hearing a scratching sound and he got out of his car and his friend was hanging upside down from the tree dead. He was scratching the top of his car with his hands. Police and construction workers took the bridge down and now Wisner Road is a dead end on both sides. Also if you get out of the car at the dead end there is a trail that goes into the woods connecting the two roads. i went to the melon heads on Wisner Road and i got maybe a mile and a half down and there is a locked gate up now what is the point of that…….and the other side of Wisner is under 24-hour survalence.

  4. I just drove wisner rd and I did go over the bridge and kept driving but the rd did not dead end I came out on kitland Chardin rd

  5. tonight i drove all the way down wisner road untill there was a green cattle gate blocking the rest of the road, the gate was a few feet after where the road became more narrow and rougher. if you backed up about 20 feet or so, there was a road going very uphill. almost impossible in a small car
    is anyone able to help me understand what i saw tonight? like whats behind that gate? wheres Dr corws house? whats up the hill? Am i looking in the right place?

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