from: Barb

I’ve been to Gore Orphanage or at least what’s left of it. I went once during the day and once at night. Now let me tell you, it’s fine during the day but at night it’s one scary place……..and I didnt even get out of the car. My mom, uncle, little sister, and two little cousins got out and started to walk into the woods, about 1min. later they all came running back to the cars, they all said they saw the same exact thing……2 eyes glowing at about chin height to my mom and uncle who are about 6ft tall. They all said they saw the same thing and it was so scary it made my little cousin who is 7 cry. But they all said as soon as they saw it it went away and they also said it could not have been an animal (most likely a deer because of the height) because when it went away it was silent there was no noise at all! Pretty Scary Huh? You should go there.

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  1. Hi, I grew up down the road from Gore Orphanage and I have seen some freaky things there. From mist to crackling to children on the side of the road going into the old orphanage. But I think the creepiest is when I was about 14 y.o. I was riding my horse around the woods back there and was stoped by 3 children of about 6-7 years of age . they said hi and wanted to pet my horse but before I could answer an old man appeared and took the kids away. I thought maybe it was a grandfather or something but as the old man touched each child they disappered along with the old man. I am now 34y.o. and to this day I have never been back to the woods around gore.

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