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I loved your site and you had a good deal of info on the Franklin castle, but there were quite a few things that were incorrect. first off, let me introduce myself. my name is William Krejci and I’ve been researching the Franklin castle for well over 13 years. in that time, I’ve had a chance to learn more about Hannes Tiedemann than nearly anyone else alive today and that includes his descendants (yes, he does have living descendants despite common belief).
It is true that August died in 1906 and yes, his 2 sons did die at young ages as well, but not until 1929 and 1934. the younger of the two, Carl H. Tiedemann was married to a woman named May Glenn and they had two children… one of which is still alive and resides in new york.
August wasn’t the only child to survive to adulthood. he had a younger sister named Dora who married a man named Wiebenson (Hannes Tiedemann’s successor as president of the united savings and banking co. they had 5 sons, 4 of which lived to adulthood and had children of their own… most of which are still living.
also, the house fell victim to arson in 1999, was sold and is now being restored by a man named Milsaps who has intentions of turning it into a private club.
I have much more info on the house and family who built it. I also have quite an interesting collection of photos from within the house that contain many orbs. feel free to contact me back. I’d be more than happy to share with you what info I have.

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  1. Has anyone gotten ahold of this Milsaps person lately? I have called four times in three months, to no avail. Is Franklin Castle abandoned?

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