I live in Mentor Ohio right next to Kirtland and have heard many stories about the melon heads.

But hears the story that makes most sense to me . Dr.Crowe is really Crowestein and he was a scientist for the government who had a beautiful wife. They live back in the secluded woods of Kirtland hills. They had children that were mentally and physically ill. They had very large heads and “slow ” so to speak. One day his wife died and caused the melon heads much anger and despair so they went on a rampage killing them and Dr. Crowestein and their ghosts still roam the woods angry about the loss of their mother.

I have personally gone what we call melon head hunting the first thing you have to know is that people actually live back there and it is private property. Second that Wisnor road the road that you are supposed to go down is closed half way and is split in two. The Wisnor road that you take to get to crybaby bridge is not off of mentor road it is on the other side. Third is that it is illegal to park back their so you might want to do it in the summer time so that you can park your car someplace else and walk there. But if you do not want to actually get out of the car but still want to get chills you could go to crybaby bridge. Once you are at crybaby bridge you are supposed to park your car half on and half off the bridge roll down the window and shut the car off at midnight. you are supposed to hear at first just the rushing of water but then that picks up into wheezing then scratching on your car comes and before you know it all that stops and their is only the faint crying of a baby in the distance.

(P.S. It really is illegal to park back their me and my friends did and got in trouble for it because people call the cops on us. So be careful.)

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