I am only 13 years old, so yes I am young, even though I look to be about 17, and I know that this site is called Creepy Cleveland, but I must say something; Oregon has melon-heads too. At least, a few.
It was two years ago when I was in 6th grade, and I had just moved to Philomath so, naturally, I was exploring on my bike. I rode past what the kids at school said used to be an old chemical plant, and intrigued (and being a stupid but curious 11 year old girl), I went inside. Made of rusty metal, big as a cathedral, and stank like sewage. Had a flashlight, nothing more. Began looking around, checking things out. It was strangely clean for being abandoned for as long as it had been. I ventured through a small space in the wall and entered what appeared to be a hidden compartment of sorts. And in it sat what seemed like a small child. But when it looked up at me… it was… twisted. There was something wrong with it; it’s head was too big, or it’s body too small. I reached out to touch it and it drew back, baring what appeared to be long, razor-like teeth. Naturally I got out of there as fast as I could, and I ran down to the police station. They told me sternly that there was no such thing as what I was describing, and the more I talked the angrier they got. They let me off with a warning, and they told me that if I ventured by there again they would have to take me downtown. I asked a few locals, Ms. Wooder, Tony, my best friend, and Old Man Johnson (he hated it when we called him that), and all of them seemed too scared to talk about it. Almost like they were forbidden.
The next time I went back the chemical plant had been torn down, and all that
was left was a big hole in the ground…

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5 thoughts on “Melon-heads

  1. wow i live in kirtland ohio and right near wisner road(look it up…crybaby bridge) and that is huge bull crap. you have to mental like a melon head to believe that, and old man johnson????!!! are you serious?i have gone melon head hunting and i think i have witnessed some type of believable, yet paranormal insident. i was playing football with my friends in my backyard and leads right into woods. we saw about 5 little orbs floating in the air and thought they were flahlights or somthing. but of course, they weren't. we all went inside and looked up orbs levitating in the air. they were said to be spirits.

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