from: Penny Sandborn

Hi, my family and I visited the Mansfield Reformatory on Sunday, August 27th. I think this is an orb above the light fixture?? Or is it just dust?

Let me know what you think


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3 thoughts on “Creepy Picture Submission

  1. i've always wanted to vist the mansfieid priosn and i as set here checking ot pictures on my computer of the prison and seeing the movie bult on it makes me want to know and want to vist it even more

  2. well i can see the white orb, but i find that common in photograph's. good luck with the ghost hunting! p.s. check out the witch grave ghost on this site. . .

  3. ALL pics of orbs are just that, dust, water vapor, bugs, specks of anything…it has now been proven over and over scientifically. Orbs need to be wiped off of the paranormal scene as evidence of anything but bad air quality. seriously.

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