from: Chris Smith

ok chuck, i’m glad you got the picture if the gore orphanage ghost, but i notice you are having trouble spotting the boy. if you can, just enlarge the photo and check out the right side where i circled him. he’s dark haired with a white shirt and dark pants – very vague but he’s there! blink your eyes a couple times and try not to strain so hard. anyways – i wanted to tell you about that Fairport Harbor ghost tour. well, guess what?? i work as a dj at one of the tour hot spots, Fritz’s Roadhouse Bar. i sent you a picture of how pictures develop when taken in that bar. also i have personally witnessed lights going out, faces in the wood grained doors and chills from the eerie basement. that place is creepy. if you have any questions about that bar, or other Fairport spooks, just ask. I used to live there too! on another note – included are pictures of the schoolhouse off of Booth Rd. & the Witches Grave just around the corner from it. there is mist around the grave, but that night was clear. i know it sounds like i’m just obsessing, but if you visit these places, you’ll know what i mean. Lastly, i have included pics of the bridge on Wisner Rd. Notice the streaks of light? Well, there are houses behind the bridge, but it was midnight then and the homes were dark. my camera, by the way, is a brand new Canon & i use 800 speed film, so these pics are something else! i hope you can show this entry on your site. i bet you’ll get a lot of hits! thanks again – chris. P.S. THE PICTURES FILE NAMES ARE INCORRECT BUT I’M SURE YOU’LL BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY WHICH PIC IS WHICH. . .

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2 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. Nothing strange about the light trails. That's just what happens when you take a picture in a dark place, like outside at night, or in a dimly lit bar. the shutter stays open longer in order to collect as much light as possible. Poorly lit locations and an ignorance of how cameras work always result in 1. the flash goes off, which causes things not usually visible to the naked eye (i.e. dust, water particles, steam, smoke) to show up brightly in the photo because the flash is reflected off of it. 2. when your camera senses that it's dark it will adjust the shutter speed so that it stays open longer. In doing this, if you move the camera while the shutter is still open you capture light trails. think of it as if the camera is a piece of paper and an exit sign like the one above is a marker. if you hold the marker still but move the camera you get a streak. nothing paranormal about any of the photos on here. every last one of them can be explained by anyone who knows anything about how cameras work.
    sorry but i hate to see such desperate attempts to prove paranormal activity when obviously there isn't any.

  2. I don't think the streaks are anything. I often experience such things at night/in the dark. Bit strange, though, and I totally do see a figure in two of them! The second looks like there's a very bulky man, and I see something in the third as well. Eerie.

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