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I found your site by accident, but I am glad that I did. I was trying to find historical information on Heritage Hall located at 2200 Prospect Ave in Cleveland. It is currently a property of American Campus Communities/YMCA and it serves as studio dorms for CSU Students.

I have several friends that live and work at the security desk in Heritage Hall. They report some strange phenomena that cannot be easily explained.

For example, and I am not exaggerating anything, there were two strange occurrences affiliated with Room 720. The first occupant was a young man of around 25. He was at first quiet, but sociable. He dressed well, bathed, and was relatively upstanding. I know this because he was in my section in Law School. Over the course of the semester, he became progressively withdrawn and ominous. His movements became slow and lethargic, his eyes sunken, words reduced to mumbles. He wore the same dirty hoodie day after day, pulled over his head to obscure his eyes. He used to leave and return at all hours of the night, and he started stalking girls in my section. Eventually it was so bad that he was dismissed from law school. He was evicted, and I haven’t heard about him since.

The second occupant, a girl, moved in for the start of that following semester. She was social and outgoing. She even had RAs called on her for a party that got too loud. About a month into the semester, she stopped walking around. Eventually people lost track of her and nothing was heard until her family called the building wondering if anyone had seen her. She was missing for two weeks.

Beyond that there are other sorts of phenomena. Security desk workers report lights that turn off and on in the middle of the night. In the offices immediately behind the security desk, there is a two way switch were both must be turned off in order for the light to go off. These lights, and the lights in the mail room all turn off on their own from time to time. The current occupant of 512 reports incessant banging and voices from one corner of the room. It is interesting because his immediate neighbors next to him are his friends or the rooms are vacant. The rooms above and below are vacant as well. It is strange to say the least.

I know that the studios were used as lodging for the YMCA and then they were repurposed into a homeless-transitioning type housing. The building was built in the early 1900s, so it is plausible that there is some history. I wonder if anyone else in your community has heard about the goings on at Heritage, if there are any.

Any help on digging up some info on Heritage Hall would be great.



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2 thoughts on “Heritage Hall on Prospect

  1. Weird. I lived in the apartment next to apt. 720 several years ago. During my time there, a student moved into 720 in late August and vacated around mid-October. The room remained unoccupied for the remainder of the year. Another student moved into the room during the spring semester and abruptly vacated in late February.

  2. I have personally been in room 720 and put it to the test. All is fine. I have also worked for the building which is now under heavy renovations. Again all is fine. The weirdest thing in the building is some of its residents. I am of course referring to the one from Egypt with an obsession for some of the tenants feet. Yes here is the real creepy part of the story.

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