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In Cleveland, Ohio a large three story manor stands as testament to a bygone era . This former funeral home was once a meeting place for grieving families. Some claim that the dearly departed still roam the labyrinthine halls searching for a way to break their mortal coils. Others believe the edifice to be the location of a portal to the other side. Do the souls of the dead inhabit this location? Do phantoms remain, searching for eternal salvation?

During its run as a hospital the mansion was the site of quite a few deaths and suicides. The last death to occur on the property was recorded in 2006 when a man was shot and bled to death on the front doorstep. Visitors to this location have reported seeing shadow people as well as hearing disembodied footsteps. Walking the halls of the building, one may hear someone call out their name only to find that there is no other person around. A former owner of the home passed away on the premises. There have been several sightings of a figure wearing a suit, with some speculating that it is this same soul. We have come across one account from a witness who claims to have seen some sort of vortex. While in the ballroom/casket display room the witness claims to have seen a swirling vortex appear for several moments.

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  2. Hi, I am a paranormal investigator and was wondering if this place would rent to my team only and how much would it cost for this private investigation? do you have a number I could call? a name? If not, how many people attend your ghosy hunt? I find when there are a lot people around, evidence is not really accurate you know? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you.

  3. there is a site on fb for the HOW its 60 pp and min of 10 as I remember………….aper also on fb is booking it so you may be able to net with them ask dave goldinger……………

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