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I heard a unique story from a woman living in the Northeastern Ohio area. She insists that animals resembling Yeti or Bigfoot have invaded the back of her property at dusk.

The area where she lives is in Ashtabula county, its enclosed with woods and remote compared to most towns. According to her, the creatures show up on a dark nights from the woods right next to her yard. There’s a short clearing between the end of the house and the woods, probably not too much more than 50 feet. The few times that it’s happened, they remain close by the edge of the woods, but one time they came through the tree line and into the yard.

She said that they usually make a kind of yelling noise. When she tried describe it, she said they yell in short bursts, breaking out suddenly and then stopping. It’s only happened a handful of times, and they don’t stay long, probably for less than an hour.The reason she knows what they look like is that one time they actually came up onto the porch.

One time in the fall, she was working in the kitchen at night with the screen door open in the dining room. As she was working, she heard a whispering noise out on the porch, and she stopped and listened for a bit to figure out what it was. She realized the sound was coming from the porch, so she moved to the screen door to unlatch it and look outside, but when she got to the door, she realized the source of the noise was very close to house, and she didn’t want to open the screen in case it was a wild animal.

Instead, she went to the kitchen window alongside the dining room to get a better view, and when she looked out, there were two figures standing on the porch right next to the screen door. They had been standing next to her, right outside the screen door in the dark making the whispering noise! She got pretty freaked out at this point, but was able to make out that they had fur and were the very tall Bigfoot animals she had seen before.

She stayed there by the window, watching them in the dark for a bit, but they eventually moved off the porch and went back into the treeline. They haven’t come back since then, but the experience creeped her out, and she wants to move to a more populated area if she can sell the house. The fact that they actually were right outside the screen door watching her was a lot more frightening than having them stay in the woods outside the yard line. She feels like they were whispering to her for some reason, since it’s the only time she’s heard them make that noise instead of their usual yells.

Other people have mentioned seeing bigfoot type figures in Northeastern Ohio so I thought that I should contribute this.

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