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I’ve been to about all them haunted places u talk about on ur website, but so far the most haunted place I have seen is this one house in Parma Hts., its near Holy Name and the Metroparks…. I guess about 30 years ago some guy murdered his whole family there, and now its abandoned… I think there have been a few families that have tried to move in, but they all moved out within months b/c they claimed it was haunted. its a really weird old looking house… the yard is overgrown, there’s an empty pool in the back, and a lot of the windows are boarded up. the house just looks haunted. there have been a lot of strange things that have happened there when I went… the one time there was a light on upstairs in one of the bedrooms… and another night every light in the upstairs was on… but no cars were in the driveway and nobody was walking around upstairs… u could tell that nobody was in there.. and on the wall of the one bedroom there was writing on the wall that said “sex bell” and I also heard that on the one wall downstairs there’s writing that says “murder”. one night I decided to take some pictures, and my camera wasn’t working so I was trying to figure out what was wrong with it, so I kept pressing the button but it wouldn’t go off, then while I was pressing the button as I was walking off the property onto the sidewalk to flash went off, so I figured it was working and I went back towards the house but it wasn’t working again, so I was doing the same thing pressing the button over and over and it didn’t work… until I stepped on the same exact spot on the sidewalk and the flash went off……
my friend also said that one time he was there he went up to the door and he heard some weird noises coming from inside the house… it sounded like some man screaming, and he said he thought he saw blood on the door handle. my other friend was doing a report on the house for school, and she was video taping it, and in the tape u can faintly make out a ghostly figure looking out one of the windows upstairs. and tonight I was there with a few friends and we were looking at the house and I went up to it and all of a sudden these lights came on from upstairs…… but like I said nobody lives in the house and the city/police weren’t there cuz there were no cars in the driveway… and if u think about it, if its abounded who pays the electric bill? I think u should post this house on ur website, cuz I think without a doubt its haunted

Webmasters Note: Got another note from Russ, I think he may be talking about the same place. What do you think?…

By the way, have you heard anything about the back woods by Holy Name High School being haunted? A good friend of mine was back there years ago with her now husband on a date. They were driving around Big Creek Parkway one night when her boyfriend had to goto the bathroom. He didn’t want to go inside the woods so they drove down the street to their alma mater Holy Name. When they arrived, they parked near the statue of Mary in the back and her boy friend left her to go to the bathroom. The entire time my friend felt very uncomfortable and experienced a lot of negative energy in the air. She was afraid that he would disappear. When her boyfriend returned they began to talk in the car. While they were talking, a black cat emerged from the left side of the woods and headed towards the front of their car. The cat walked in a straight line and did a perfect 90 degree turn to face, sit, and watch the couple in the car. After a few moments my friend asked her boyfriend if he thought that the cat appeared strange. He agreed and so they decided to drive away. As they were departing from the lot, my friend watched the cat begin to walk behind the statue of Mary and then disappear.
— Russ from Parma

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6 thoughts on “Somewhere in Parma Hts

  1. I know what house you're all talking about. It is located on Parma Heights Boulevard right where it turns into Royal Parkway (I think). A friend lives a few houses down. What I think happened is the man murdered his wife and then killed himself. I believe the daughter owns the house now and they've been restoring it.

  2. I am curious about the location of this house also. I have lived in this area all my life and don't remember anything about a family murder in this vicinity. Any names we can look up?

  3. Wondering where exactly this house is… drove around Holy Name, those few streets directly surrounding it,and I couldn't find anything that fits the description. Please if you could provide more detailed information on where it is, I would love to check this house out.

  4. I ride my bike around there with my friend and we have never seen any borded up houses. Also I go to SBS and we go to holy name for things. (We walk there) get me some info because I will ask my dad's cousin who has been in the PHPD and he would know. (But if I don't get back its either it's not true or he won't talk bout it)

  5. I know the man who killed his wife (it was his girlfriend not wife btw) and then killed himself. His kids do not live there nor are restoring it. just fyi

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