From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

Contributed by Jennifer

I love your website. after reading about the witch’s ball, i decided to drag my friend rachel out there to investigate. we took the top off the jeep and set off from euclid around dusk. we found myrtle hill road and the cemetery with no problem (thanks to mapquest!) the cemetery is small, on a quiet country road, up on a hill. we pulled in and found the odd grave-marker right away. we left the jeep running (just in case!) and got out to investigate. i had been telling my friend the story of the witch, trying to make her nervous. she wasn’t buying it. she did refuse to touch the ball, “just in case” there was a curse. the air felt electric and the hair on our arms stood up. i grabbed my camera to take a photo before the sun set. it was a new roll, only on the 3rd or 4th picture. i snapped the photo and immediately the camera jammed up! i tried to shut it off and it automatically rewound the film and spit the roll onto the ground. my friend saw what happened and we both decided to leave. when we got back to the jeep, it was full of flies (although there were no flies anywhere else in the cemetery and nothing in the jeep but a bottle of water.) the whole thing was very strange, especially since we really weren’t expecting anything more than a nice drive to the country.


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