From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

Contributed by Shawn

I have visited the witches ball a few times since I only live a few miles from it. Nothing weird has ever happened to me but I have heard some good stories about it. One was that back in 1800’s people would pass the hill the ball sits on at night and see a strange figure sitting on the hill watching people. One time a group of men actually went to see what it was and were surprised to see the figure of a man with horns on its head run down the side of the hill and disappear at the bottom. My older brothers friend lives across the street from the hill and he would often complain about weird noises at night. One night he heard a loud crash in his basement and went to investigate and found all of his family board games knocked down from a shelf. He went upstairs to answer the phone and when he returned all the games were picked up like nothing had happened. Another story probably had nothing do with it but two girls were visiting the ball one night and when they were on the way home got in a minor car accident (minor as in no one was hurt) .

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