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Contributed by Charlie

hello my name is charlie, i have been to the witches ball. i heard of it from my teacher, she lives right down the street from it . anyways…my mom went to myrtle hill cemetery when she was in her teens which was in the seventies and she went there with three of her friends and they planned on scaring their friends. the plan was to scare 2 girls that were in the car with them. 5 of her other friends were behind gravestones and they would pop out and scare the shit out of them. they would go to myrtle hill about every other weekend. well any way they were driving through the cemetery and there friends popped out and scared the girls. while every one was laughing my mom had saw in the corner of her eye a man that was at least seven foot tall that was dressed in very old clothes staring at them. my mom yelled at her friend and as soon as he looked the man had disappeared and it was in the back towards the workers shed and at that time the trees were about 6 feet high and the man was taller than them[ at least a foot . when my friends went there on october 25 2003 we had saw glowing in the woods[at ten at night] we freaked and ran but then we turned around and went back to admire the witches ball and nothing really had happened except the glowing and some cracking in the woods
i plan on going back there in the winter to see if the myth is true about the whole warm/cold thing and i hope that we don’t see no black rose!

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