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Contributed by Toni

In concern to the witches ball.
I myself have investigated a number of unusual local occurrences, and looked most closely at this one, because it affects me most. I researched the arsenic killings, because the house of a good friend in VC of mine is where the second of the two arsenic killings took place. It was the thanksgiving killing, and its a 10 minutes walk across the street and through the woods from the cemetery. I never seen anything unusual at the house, and neither has the owner, or his family. I am not sure however that the arsenic killings and the witch are a related subject.
As for the cemetery itself? My father and some friends in an investment group recently bought the house directly across the street from the cemetery. I immediately heard the stories of the ball, and did some research. Due to the nature of the shape of the material of the ball (and others like it) it absorbs heat and light from the sun, and after particularly sunny days it radiates almost a glow, not to mention warmth. I walked over there, and I saw leaves on the grave, and scrapes in the ball from the last time it was knocked over (yes its been knocked over a few times).
I have witnessed quite a few paranormal occurrences in my time, and I have to say that the ball was not even near one. I heard from a local land owner that the so called witch was buried in a smaller private cemetery on columbia road. I have not yet investigated this, but it seems to me that the ball is a family memorial.


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