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I am excited to see “Helltown” mentioned here. About six or seven years ago myself and a few others were introduced to Helltown by a gal that had worked at Boston Mills ski resort. It was the day after prom (a beautiful day in May, 1996) and we decided to roam around a little bit. She told us the stories of Boston Township. We drove around, and ended up hiking to a spot where we came across an old bus. According to the story we were told, the bus had crashed and all aboard were killed. The bus we saw had been damaged by vandals yet looked very old. We also visited a cemetary that was on a plateau. According to her story, that is where many young victims of the bus accident were buried. While we did see many tombstones of young people, I am not sure if this is the correct legend of the bus. She showed us many haunted houses that day. Feel free to email me, Of all of the people I know that visit this area during the winter, only one or two have heard of “Helltown” I am happy to see this local legend receive some attention.

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