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hey…i was reading some of the stuff on hell town…just thought ud like to know that Hell Town is where Children of the Corn was filmed at. most of the houses along the hill known as “end of the world” were, at one, time stunt houses for the movie. also…underground railway systems run under Peninsula (hell town)…and hudson too. I’ve been threw hell town quite a few times…and did have some creepy encounters. first time….
in may, coming back from the Mushroomhead concert at blossom, driving down Akron Peninsula, i got pulled over for going 45 in a 25 mph zone. i couldnt see the speed cause it was so darn foggy out. the cop kept asking us over and over again if we knew where we were, and if we knew how to get home. after he gave me my ticket…he said “now…i want u do leave this place…make a right at the light…DONT GO LEFT. and go home!” so off i went on my marry way. didnt think twice about it. didnt even know i was in hell town.
second time….
it was about 11 pm…me and a few friends were bored outta our minds…so we decided to take a peek at hell town and see what everyone was talking about. we parked our car at the church on akron peninsula and walked around. as we walked by the winking lizard, a hairless cat came up to us…(not creepy…but i thought it was kinda cool) so we walked down RT. 303 for a while…n the whole time it stunk of something funky. it was like the smell of cat litter that was sitting around for a year or so. gross. but we got to the cemetery n walked around in there for a bit. we noticed a few cracked graves, so we tried to fix them by putting their pieces back together…we walked away, then came back a few min. latter, n sure enuf, they were back to their same spots. we left shortly after that…got back to my car…only to find 5 old men standing around it and looking into it. as soon as they sawus they walked away.
third time….
every time ive been to hell town, ive seen a massive amount of wild life. peacocks, deer, possom, wild turkey, racoons, fox, ….its like a freking zoo there. so we found end of the world…and the end of the road…we turned around in some ones drive way….only to have them come out yelling at us about how their drive way isnt a turn around point, n they were sick of all the teen’s that come threw there….then asked us if we were those “devil worshiper kids” they see every night. we were like what? n drove away. we found the church that’s in the fork in the road. rumors say that in the early 1900’s it was used as a church to worship the devil…it was known for its witch craft too. we walked around the outside of it a bit, but couldnt get in. we looked threw the window and saw a bunch of lit candles, then a person saw us peaking in and shut the blinds. we made our ways back to the center of town…n went to the cemetery again. the gates were open so we just drove in…its a pretty big hill….n half way up it…my car decided not to go forward anymore…it would go to a certain point, then roll back….no matter what i did, i kept rolling back…i dont drive a stick, n the hill isnt THAT big to roll back on. it creeped me out. so i just parked my car there and got out…i locked my doors and had the keys in my hand the whole time…when we got back to my car, the doors were unlocked and all the windows were rolled down. we left straight after that.

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