Headlights at Gore Orphanage?

From: Hellrider
To: CreepyCleveland
Date: Mar 26, 2009 11:26 AM
Subject: Gore Orphanage

What do you know about car headlights on the gore orphanage road. I have had 2 seperate incidents there involving headlights that was there then disappeared in matter of 45 seconds. It happens around the bridge, I know its not the ranger, because I have never been bothered by the ranger we always stay close to the bridge.

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5 thoughts on “Headlights at Gore Orphanage?

  1. I have lived in this area all my life and have been done to Gore Orphanage more times than I can count. As teenagers we use to go down there and park. It is not haunted. I have never heard anything. Your mind can play tricks on you. Every noise or movement you hear or see can be explained.

  2. So me and my best friend spent about 2 weeks 4 days a week trying to find this place. After a couple different spots we thought were it werent, we finally found it. We went there numerous times after that, just because we just enjoy that type of stuff. no drugs involved, nothing like that. We are 22 for the record. So after times and times of going there, we were just hanging out in the hole area and one of us cracked a joke. Naturally, we both started laughing..stopped paying attention. At the exact same time we both look up at each other. The sound of a childs music box. We didn't say a word we just paused. Keep in mind we've been here countless times and never expected anything. I think thats what it is…if you are expecting something you'll get dissapointed. Anyways, we paused and looked at each other like what should we do? We waited a second and heard a little boy laughing and some ruffles. We both hightailed it out of there fast. We didn't talk about it until we got in the car and both said the same thing happened. It was a great feeling to actually feel something like that. My only advice was we went too early one time to enjoy it during the day, because it was BEAUTIFUL. Especially by the river. Long story short the ranger stopped us on the way out [probably the one everyone always talk about] and gav eus both $75 for being in a park after hours. As long as your quiet, and don't go on weekends you should be fine.

  3. I Dont really belive it this stuff, but my friend draged me down there. I was walking down the road and in the moon light i seen shadow of a Kid on the road and then I herd a gigling and then the shadow moved and ran into the woods sounded like some one runing in the trees and gigling We then left because I was blown away by what just happend.

  4. Anonomuse- we were going to gore orphanage and everything was going fine then we felt thing grabbing our ankles we ran back but something grabbed me and i felt nail in my back then i got hot it was creepppy

  5. THIS IS SO FREAKY!! BECAUSE THIS JUST HAPPENED TO MY FRIENDS AND I. We were standing on the bridge and rushed back to the car because we thought a car was coming. We pulled up but no one ever came!! it was unexplainable

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