Hi my name is Tammie Mccourt and i grew up on west 58th and wakefield my backyard was The Fir Avenue Cemetery. There is a huge apartment building on Wakefield avenue and right on the front of the building on the top floor the name of the street wakefield is engraved on it. Anyway the building was four apartments when we moved in in the early 80’s. We had heard all kinds of stories about the apartment we lived in, that a woman was killed in the back bedroom and her daughter was watching from the closet and when she made a noise she was then killed and left in the closet. Also there was a house behind the apartment building that had burnt down and several people were killed. Now the basement is designed like dungeons and had the old furnaces that made a loud roar when they started up. Now for the first yr or so we witnessed nothing, but then my lil sister was born in the back bedroom and all hell broke lose. My sisters crib was right against the closet about 5 feet away from it, my lil sister would always be standing up in her crib trying to reach for the closet door and couldnt get it, well one day she was in her crib and the kitchen were my parents always sat was right next to the bedroom and they could hear my baby sister making all kinds of normal baby noises but then they heard a lil girls voice about 6 or 7 yrs old playing peek a boo, my mom thought it was one of us other kids and she yelled for us to come here and when we came in from the living room she freaked. she ran into the bedroom and the closet door was open and my lil sister was standing up pointing at the closet. After that all kinds of things would happen we would lose toys for days and find them in the closet, we would close the closet door and go back in a few mins later and it would be wide open. My parents slept in this room and they would always hear a lil girl crying thinking it was us or my baby sister get up check on us all and we would be fast asleep. One morning my dad was at work we older kids were at school my lil sister was still in the crib at the time, my mom was in the living room watching a show after putting her down for a nap and out of nowhere she would hear a lil girl playing peek a boo and a few more mins later my baby sister came crawling into the living room. Now she was only about 8 months old there was no way she could have gotten out of her crib without help. On easter morning 1987 my mom hid eater eggs through out the aprtment, we went to church no one home now and when we got home all the eggs were in a basket in the back bedroom. So for yrs we dealt with the lil girl spirit, she was harmless just a lil girl having fun in her spirit life. Then in 1989 all hell broke lose again when cmha decided to remodel the apartments and combine the two upper apartments into one for my parents so there would be room for all of us kids there was 6 of us at the time so a 2 bedroom apartment became 4 bedrooms 2 kitchens 2 bathrooms 2 living rooms. Then the scarey man arrived and total terror started. There is so much i can tell you but would take you days to read it, things like poltergiest activity to my father passing away in one of the bedrooms to things we saw in the graveyard, now you can find The fir avenue cemetery on deadohio. com the story was mine i had posted one year on there about expeiences we had i lived there until i was 19 and moved in 1994 my mom lived there until 1999, so many frightening things happened there. I have my own paranormal group with my sisters and we started it because of our lives living on Wakefield ave. you are actually on our friends list anything and everyting paranormal is our group. If you would like to hear more stories i would love to tell them to you. I am married now and have 2 kids of my own and live in a non haunted house in Brunswick, but i think no i know that i am scarred emotionally and maybe even mentally from growing up over there. Well you said on your page you would like to hear ghost stories so here is one for you and there is a hell of alot more than this. Oh i am going to tour Franklin’s Castle tomorrow night and i am so excited and scared at the same time only because it is so close to where i grew up i actually have to go through the nieghborhood i may just drive by and see what the old Wakefield Castle as we called it looks like, i heard stories that is is dilapidated and falling down.The memories alone of the place may just be to much for me to handle, well i am done yacking have a great weekend and if you are interested in hearing more, id be happy to tell it actually makes me feel better to tell someone about it.

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