Dear Creepy Cleveland,

Just wanted to say I love your site, and the stories that you have. Although there are sooo many hauntings around cleveland that havent been mentioned, at least that Ive come across.

There are a few places on St. Clair near Collinwood High school dont quite remember the exact locations but a few nightly walks I’m sure I could stumble onto them.

But the reason I’m writing mostly is I was wondering if anyone knew any of the history behind boston township with the Stratfords, and the one light post that doesnt work, or the slaughter house, or the girl scout camp that used to me located near there and the minimal and maximum security mental institutions that are there I’ve heard the entire story myself but its been a very long time since I went down that way and I forgot who the guy was that took my friends and I on the “guided” tour.

Well here’s my story.

Off of Euclid Ave. theres that place on Glenncliff what ever it is, known as the Hillandale Medical Facility when I was a youngster before they tore the old building down,
This place is commonly referred to as The Pits
I heard a story behind it (not sure of the truth but hey) involving a director of operations there was brainwashing the patients who suffered from severe alzheimers disease, to go out into Cleveland area and do his bidding, when the police caught on to what was happening there they raided the place only to find all the patients, and nurses slaughtered, and the director hung himself in his office (again dont know if there is any truth to it)

So anyways my friends and I ventured off to check it out. It being my first time there, I found the area to give me an eerie sense of feeling especially at the little playground with the walkway path that encircles it. We wondered around for quite some time checking out the dilapitated bridge and the cultists graffiti in the nooks and empty cages. We wondered around in the surrounding woods. As we came closer to where the old building was up on the hill we began to hear sounds, kinda like muffled voice. Our girlfriends at the time became frantic and begged up to leave. We found our way back to the brick road out of the woods, and started our trek back when all of the sudden we hear a woman scream so we took off running back to the cars, When we got there our cars wouldnt start (these werent old cars either) We then decided to call for a tow truck, all of our phones had no service so we sat there in the dark for several minutes. My girlfriend became extremely frantic and yelled out the window for whatever was out there to let us go, then she turned the key to my car and it started just fine, my friends in his car followed our cue and we left, we never went back. I heard that they tore the place down and were rebuilding a new nursing facility there

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