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Another creepy place u should add on your website is Red Raider. Red Raider is a street by Russell Ohio. there is a story that there is a ghost that holds a red lantern and runs through the woods. You can only see it on a clear night and your supposed too turn off your car and headlights. You can never catch this spirit it runs from you. I got a lot of stories to submit about it and i think others should hear about it. It is a very creepy place and should definitely be added. If you have any questions email me at deeman212@aol.com.


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3 thoughts on “Red Raider

  1. This is an extension of the ghost stories told at the long defunct Red Raider Day Camp which sat on the same sight years ago. I and countless other boomer kids from the eastern suburbs attended this camp. These were the stories told around the campfire. Given that many of these kids now own homes in the immediate area, it's not unlikely the stories persist from one generation to the next. There is however a 19th century family plot on the back side of this former farm. It was of course rumored to be haunted. The light may well be attributed to the Red Raider himself making his rounds at night as he did in the last generation in order to keep overnight campers in their sleeping bags.

  2. the ghost is said to sing (in ghostly tones) as it wanders, lonely and desolate, through the mountains of geauga county:

    i'm red raider born and red raider bred
    and when i die i'll be red raider dead

    rah-rah red raider, raider
    rah-rah red raider, raider
    rah-rah red radiator camp!

    signed: boomer and archie, 1958

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