I moved to Lake County, OH in ’94 from California. Moved back to California in ’97…I can’t wait to visit Squires again. There is definately something about it, something special. After loosing a best friend: Jason Michael Scarcelli in ’97…me & a group of friends choose Squires to drink & smoke the night away and to mourn the loss of one of the greatest dudes we ever knew. I swear that night in the west wing of the castle, as we all stood silent in front of the fire….occasionally laughing & reminiscing about our pal, I know we all felt something special. Now I am not saying the castle is haunted, I am simply implying that I felt something. Whether it was my friend looking down on us from his cloud…or something else, what a feeling. That place is special to me, what I wouldn’t give to be back there in ’96 drinkin’ one with some of the best friends I could have ever had. Keep her clean, & someone please take more photos!

Danny Underwood ’07

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