Have you seen the new Google ‘My Maps’ yet? It’s pretty cool. I’m using it to track the locations of many Creepy Cleveland locations. I made the Creepy Cleveland Map public in order to try to attract some fresh visitors, but I want to know what everybody else thinks too. The link is over on the right under ‘Important Links’. Click on the push-pin icons to get links to stories and posts about the more popular locations. Click the map-marker icon to read a story or post about a location you may not have heard of.

If, while checking it out, you notice something wrong – let me know and I’ll fix it. A lot of the locations are fairly easy to spot using Google Maps hybrid feature, but some are so out-of-the-way or vague that I may have gotten it wrong.

Whenever I have a decent picture of the location I’ll include it on the map pop-up. If you’ve got a picture of a place (or a better pic that I’ve got) and want to share – send it in!

Check it out.

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One thought on “Creepy Cleveland Maps

  1. This is a GREAT idea – a lot of times, descriptions of places leave no clue as to where they actually are – now it will be easier to visit Cleveland's creepiest spots! THANK YOU

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