Melonhead Movie!

Welcome to Cretonville: Legend of the Melonheads
The day has come!!! For four generations North East Ohio has been tormented by the Melonheads. Now Ohio’s creepiest legend comes to life in the newest installment of the Dark Ritual Series!!!

You asked for it, you got it! Our next project is in pre-production. ‘What happens when the Cheerleaders decide to test their courage and go camping in Melonhead Country????’ Booze, Babes and Carnage! We will bring to life North East Ohio’s best known legend. Learn the story of Dr. Crow and how the melonheads came to be the force to terrify 4 generations!
Welcome to Cretonville: Legend of the Melonheads, is another installment of the Dark Ritual Series! From the Director of Aquarius Rising; Laugh-at-the-Law Productions & ShockStar Studios.

Laugh-at-the-Law Productions Ltd.
PO Box 763
Painesville, OH 44077

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One thought on “Another Melonheads Movie!

  1. Sounds kinda lame, just typical. The infrastructure of the film sounds like any other horror movie; but it's way too early to judge, so I'll wait it out.

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