Gore Orphanage Independent Video

Found these on YouTube. Supposed to be rough footage from an upcoming independent film based on Gore Orphanage. Anybody got more info?

UPDATE: found some more information here

Part One: The Drive

Part Two: The Scream

Part Three: The Shotgun

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12 thoughts on “Gore Orphanage Independent Video

  1. i went there last weekend at 2am and heard kids screaming and my friend saw a face but we are going again this weekend but with cameras this time

  2. I have gone down to gore quite a few time. Some times seemed scarier than others. However, We went down once and there was the kkk right there some guys told as we should leave so we ran away.

  3. I cant really tell whats what in those videos I know about where they are though. As for the park ranger in the house I guess he isnt a ranger anymore. He just works for the park. There is another guy that is a ranger that comes and goes in that area because I ran into him one day. Ive heared there is a cult that has gatherings up there though.

  4. The man that lives near the ruins is a Lorain Metro park ranger. He has a miserable personality and I believe that’s why he lives alone there. He’s a large man and tries to intimate anyone that visits the area. Be aware the area is metro park land so no one is allowed there after dark or you can be sure the unhappy man from the house down the road will take pleasure in chasing you out or ticketing you.

  5. They did play the Deftones in part one, but the "scary" music in parts one, two and three is from the original Resident Evil and the Director's Cut. Whoever posted 2/23/07 is a dumbass! By the way, the dude that made this video never gave credit to anyone in the update, or anywhere else. Learn to read moron.

  6. This video is bull. I am also from the area. My family camped 3 miles away at a place called Rajahland about 30 years ago. My buddies and I spent many days and nights down there drinking, exploring and rafting down the river. I know almost every inch of that place. THe road at the top of the hill has been closed for at least 30 years due to erosion. not safe for vehicles. THe place is only as creepy as you make it. the story of the orphanage burinig makes for a scary story, but that is all it is. This video is a hoax. the gunshots you hear are so loud they sound like they are about 100 feet away. if someone was shooting at them from that distance they would all be dead. like I said we used to walk all through those woods and nobody ever shot at us. I had some dogs chase me one time but that is because I was pissing in someones yard at the top of the hill. SCARY! Brian Herrera

  7. i wonder what they were trying to find. i live by gore orphanage road and i have been down there many times, day and night. nothing happens. but the bridge is really creepy. there are also more rocks and more foundations over the bridge too. creepy but it would have been better if the video was still

  8. yeah the videos were just for pre production, scouting locations, and letting people know the real thing will be in the works soon from what i could gather.it looks like a pretty cool project.

  9. If the previous 'anonymous' had clicked the 'UPDATE' link he would have read a bit more about it – like that the footage isn't for a movie. It was just 'exploration'.
    And the music, sorry, but in the first two scenes that was the Deftones. He did give credits to all actors and musicians in the credits too, did you not watch that part?

    So yeah, you were incorrect with most of your post, so shut up.

  10. That film has lawsuit all over it if it is released nationally. The music throughout the whole thing is stolen right outta the first Resident Evil video game (can't remember if it's the regular or directors cut, but it's definitely one of them).

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