The Kelm House – Vermillion, Ohio

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Contributed by Steve

This sick house does not need to be arise here on this earth. For it may be a portal linking hell with the earth. Many have lost themselves and their souls in this house. It stands on Risden Rd. off of Cherry Rd. in Vermillion, OH. Covered with over grown weeds and trees that are probably cursed as well. The grand piano half in and out of the picture window, the pentagram painted neatly on the floor, the explicit word of screwing witches written in red on the walls. Have you seen the demon’s that lurk inside of this house? Many have said they have. If you value your life, this is not the place to go. For it is one of Ohio’s most scariest places according to ghost hunters and those who study the paranormal. This house was talked about twice on the Art Bell show. Take this short story as a warning to never visit this house, you may not live to tell about it!! For those of you familiar with this house, leave your story on this page so others can be warned about the evil that resides here.

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Strange but True

My name is Steve and I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. Everything that i tell you is absolutely true. It all started when I was 18 yrs. of age. If I did not see half of it myself I would mot believe it. My friends and I found the paranormal very fascinating. We had no ghosts living in our homes so we went out looking for them. We would ask ourselves ” where do we find ghosts”?? We all heard rumors about places out side of town, but most of them were a hoax! A friend of mine was in Sandusky for the weekend near lake Erie with family. He had met somebody out there at the camp grounds and they began talking about ghosts and the person he met told him about this house in Vermillion that is most definitely haunted. It has been abandoned for years.
John was all excited to come back home to tell us all what he had learned! The day he came home is the same night we all made way to this house in Vermillion. It took us a little over an hour to reach our destination. The person John met had given him pefect directions! There were a total of 13 of us that evening and when we had finally found the place all of us were quiet. You could feel it! We all knew we should never have went there. The house stood back from the street a little way. It was hard to find at first with all of the trees and brush that grew over the house. Most windows were missing and the house had a slight lean. There was a grand piano sticking half way in and out of the house. The gravel driveway could not be seen anymore (grass was 3 feet tall).We parked the cars in the street a little ways down and made way to the house. We stood outside for about 20 min. when we all decided to go inside. I knew it was not a good idea and i followed anyway. We entered in through the back right above the cellar doors that lead into the basement. I think we were standing in what once was the kitchen. We walked down a small hallway into the living room. there was a fireplace a broken chair and writing all over the wall written in a foriegn language you could see the other half of the piano all of the strings were sticking out. There was a pentagram painted perfect on the floor with candles at each of the 5 points. I wanted to leave. It was all still very quiet when a loud thud came from underneath us from the basement. We all jumped at least a foot high. Another friend of ours Brian We called him loony, was sort of crazy wanted to investigate. There was only one way into the basement and that was outside (the pantry doors) and they were still shut!! We all got scared and left!! The next day it was all we could talk about!! I thought i would never go back. Two friend of ours who were there that night were in photography class in college had a project. Well they decided to shoot the house! Of course I went and there was only 5 of us this time!! The sun was setting and was almost dusk when we arrive, the house was as sick as ever!! They had all of their equipment set up in a matter of minutes and went to take the first picture when the flash did not work!! So Sean went to use his camera when his flash did not work either. They messed around with their cameras for about 20 minutes before they gave up. They thought there was something wrong with the battery packs so we packed up and left. We got about a quarter of a mile down the road when the flashes started to work. There still was enough day light so we turned around. They took their cameras out again and the flashed did not work again!! Now we were all freaking out so we left again!! We got to the same place in the road where the flashes worked when they started to work again so like fools we turned one last time. We got about 50 yards away from the house when the flashes started to go off by themselves!! We heard the same loud thud come from inside the house and we booked! While we were running my buddy was shooting pics. That night we went into his darkroom and developed 7 pics.
the rest did not come out. At first it seemed like they were just cools pictures if the house when John looked closer at one of the pics. and noticed a long face smiling down at us from one of the windows!! It definitely was not a mask because you could see through to the other side!! It had long pointy ears A wide smile glowing beady eyes and a stubby nose. This was all real!!! We showed everybody the picture and with in days rumors started to fly around about us be devil worshippers. Some people were curious and wanted to come with us!! One day we decided to go there again. This time there was more of us. Walking up the drive way was scary enough when we all seen shadows moving inside the house spooked us out even more!! Right away a buddy got sick a threw up. At one time the moon was white but now redish-orange. Everything about the house was wrong!! I don’t know how but we found courage to enter again. We explored every room hearing the same noises everywhere we went. You could definitely see shadows moving from one corner to the other. I felt like I was watching a horror movie And I was the star!! I left the house first and many followed! When we all grouped up every one was really scares and it was a good time to leave!! I know what I seen was real and I still talk about it to this day!! The place still haunts some of us and we don’t even visit no more!! My best friends brother still travels there in his dreams and out-of-body experiences. Like I was saying we explored every room in the house except for the attic. We could not get in, it was sealed shut!! But my friends brother would travel there out of his body. Along the way in his hazy dream he met a soul named mike. Mike led him to the attic of the house where he confronted a demon. The same demon in the picture! Scott (buddy’s brother) Told us all he lost his soul to this demon and would never get it back!! It is weird that a couple of experiences can change one’s life. Now Scott is into crystals and that sort of thing. He believes he can read others minds!! To this day he travels back to the house, for what I don’t know. One day Scott was in his mom and dad’s living room talking to this Mike when his mom heard him talking and no one was there! She got all worried and went to find help! There was a psychic around the corner from our homes and they went there. The lady was taking care of a client in the back when they walked in and as soon as they sat down the lady came immediately out and asked Scott to leave! Some how she knew there was an evil presence with him. They tried a psychiatrist but still no help. We still were curious about the house though. We had no explanation. Six of us went to the Vermillion Library And found out a lot of sick information about the house!! We learned that the Kelm’s were the only owners of the home and was abandoned in the early 1920’s. We found a small article that read something like the family adopted alot of children into there family and the MR. abused molested and killed most of the children in that house!!

Webmaster Note: This is getting popular! I got an email from Steve’s friend Bryan (the Loony…see story above)…

I am here to prove Steve isn’t giving any BS. I was there through this whole situation. I am the one mentioned in the article, I am Bryan the Looney. A lot has been said but what we experienced, we’d need a book. The Blair Witch hoax is nothing to this house. This house is evil plain and simple. I don’t scare very much: this house had me trembling, not of its presence but a fear of something being there that you could not explain, it was strong, it was present, and it was watching us. This presence knew we were coming, no matter what we did we never made it there till darkness fell. We always knew we were close because are stomachs turned; just an ill feeling fell upon us. This house seemed to know we were coming to visit it. It played games with us. We knew how to get there but it wouldn’t allow us till after sunset. We’d always find it then . It was waiting, wanting us. We gave it what it wanted, but we would always lose some way, some how. This house has a power to draw you to it. A power of a presence you can’t explain. If you love supernatural you’ll love this house. I have so many things I can say but I cant write a book. I have stories of my friends brakes going out, strange hand prints on his windows, no matter what something failed. Someone’s stomach, urinary tract, or bowel movement gave out. This is a house I hope YOU WILL FEEL. YOU WILL KNOW! Any info you want, talk to us. I’m out. Bry the looney

BAD NEWS, folks… The Kelm House has been torn down!! Reported by …

I was there once when I was 12yrs old (1992) I was only able to stay inside for about five minutes,while I was Inside I started to go up the stairs,but the farther I got up them the evil the atmosphere seems to get. I got out of there quick and I coundn`t get away from that house fast enough. I`ve always wanted to return to see what it was that was in there, however the house was demolished about five or so yrs ago and a new house stands in it`s place. This place too has been rumored to be haunted as well.

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22 thoughts on “The Kelm House – Vermillion, Ohio

  1. The story of the Kelm house is complete nonsense. I am related to the Kelms here in Vermilion. I told them of this silly story and they had a good laugh. It was my relatives grandmothers home. It was a very happy and normal place. Many family holidays were spent in that house. It was a very happy and loving home. After his grandmother passed "normal natural causes" in the late 70s the house fell to disrepair and no one wanted to fix it up. Trespassers and vandals "kids" broke the windows and painted stuff everywhere. There was no grand piano, just an old upright that was left because nobody wanted it. Vandals destroyed that too..The family had it tore down because they were tired if trying to keep idiots from vandalizing it.. So..Sorry to bust this urban legend but that house was never haunted and the stories are just that….stories..There were no adopted kids, no deaths, no murders, just an old and once loved vacant home..

  2. People don't know if their new homes will be infested with the unknown and the creepy. The best thing to do in this case is to run for the hills (unless it has eyes) and look for something else as fast as possible.

  3. To chachi, I can understand everything you said and how that house came to Ill repair even on how that house was a wonderful loving home! But like all good things comes to an end! There was things inside that house that others must of brought in! The paranormal is real and was fully exposed at this house. As for the picture it burnt up with Sean's house three days later. And Steve and Bryan are right except about the psychologist I never went to one! That Kelm house was a wonderful home until whoever brought what was there there! If you want to know more just let me know!

  4. Does anybody have information determining where exactly this house was located on Risden Road and what house was built on top or near it?

  5. Hi, thank you whoever you are. I am Ozzie Kelms granddaughter and I'm also here to "prove" all this is bs. My family, the "Kelms" were great ppl. The ones living now not so much, but my mother and aunt are. My grandfathers house was on the same property as this house and I remember this house they say is haunted. I could see it from my grandpa field. None of my family members ever killed anyone. They were a great proud marine family.

  6. I grew up on Cherry Road with the grandchildren of Augustus Kelm (The patriarch and original owner of the subject house). The house sat on the east side of the road; a bit south of Cherry. Just before the first incline levels. There is a newer house built just south of where the old house sat. I can honestly state that what Chachi wrote is accurate and the Kelm house was in poor repair even in the mid 60s. As for the story: never heard it before now.

  7. The house was off to the left of cherry street, can't remember a address it was Always Dark when we got there, but we all were to anxious to think to look for address

  8. A1LadyDi,

    Hello Ozzie Kelms Granddaughter, Is your mother Debbie? She was a very good friend of mine growing up back in Vermilion, Ohio. Reading this story was pretty entertaining. But unfortunately Fiction. Your Grand parents Jean and Ozzie were my parents best friends growing up. I stayed over at their home many a times when I was young and never heard of this fantastic story being told. We moved to California in 1965. Tell your mother Diane Yelensky said HI

  9. I'm really curious as to what was brought into this house after it sat empty all of those years. I'm not doubting that at one time this was a "Home Sweet Home" type of a house. But witchcraft writings on walls and pentagrams? Makes you wonder if something more was going on in there that many people were not aware of. It wouldn't be the first time that something was invited into a house. I have heard this Kelm House story before and I believe most of it. Moral of the story is Don't play with fire and you won't get burned….

  10. My last name is Kelm, does anyone know the first names of the people who lived there? Or photos or anything?

  11. Bryan was my cousin, I miss him more then anything and I know this story to be true. I know who he was as a person and would know he wouldn't lie about the paranormal.
    -Chris Borling
    R.I.P Boob, Christaboob will never forgot you lol

  12. there is no doubt that there was something there but I can attest to that it had nothing to do with the Kelms themselves. When houses are abandoned and people go it to do seances or call upon spirits it will draw evil to the house. I have come along way from being in that house to losing myself and friends along the way. The house and things that happen are true, there was no Kelms living in there when we went out there every time. I know there was something there and wish we had the pictures to post. Unfortunately, there is only 18 of us that was there and have seen the things and felt all the experiences we had. I am very thankful that the Kelm Family was wonderful Family but what happened to that house after they left was not anything short of Pure Evil. if anyone wants to know more about what happened i would be glad to tell them whatever they wish. I can describe every room in detail if needed to prove that the house we were in was that house.

  13. Bryan was my cousin and knowing him as well as I do, I know he would never lie when it came to the paranormal. R.I.P Boob, Christaboob will never forget you!
    – Chris Borling 10/11/15

  14. This house was torn down and my brother works for the company that went out to have a look if it was salvageable first. There had been a man living there in the ruin of the house. No working plumbing or electric so he was pooping in buckets. Apparently the house was beyond repair and just totally rotten from years of having no windows or repairs. There was supposedly a woman who was rumored to be a witch buried under the front porch but they didnt find anything.

    Regardless, the houses is gone now. It was certainly spooky looking but it must've been beautiful back in the day. Sad the family didn't maintain it.

  15. This was my greatgrandmothers house on my mothers side . I remembet gpimg there as a child in the late seventys it was i poor shape even then. The man who lived there after she passed was a friend of my greatgrandfathers, not allowed to be there he would hide and scare unwanted teenagers away. Scary storys are one thing but saying my grandparents were child abusers is going to far!!!

  16. when i was in my 40's i went to this house with a friend. and like you i felt it's pull,and never have i felt such evil. in it's day the house must have been very beautiful, but it was ragged to say the least when i was there. Scotty, did any of you notice a green mist coming from the basement windows at night? I saw the writings on the walls, the satanic symbols and upstairs on one of the walls "evil rules" was written. The basement was a story unto itself. you had to go in via a door on the left rear of the house, ino the kitchen, it led to what i call the dining room then a livingroom and up the stairs to the left side of the livingroom-when i was there, you could see into the basement from the kitchen but the steps were gone-you entered the basement from outside along the left of the house (as you were facing the house)close to the kitchen the right off the diningroom was a small room–a bedroom? at the corner of risden rd and lake rd there is an old cemetery.

  17. I agree and I am truly sorry that was said. Please except my apologies and forgive My friend for assumptions of something that was said to scare people more i am assuming but I ask forgiveness for him.

  18. sorry it has taken so long to respond back, as for green mist no. but there was always fog within the woods ad exterior of the house. it has been awhile and i couldn't sleep tonight because of what i saw and we did when we were all there. Also yes the outline of what the house looked like is accurate and bad people do bad things and sadly to say it was done after the house was vacant not before. there will be a more continuation of everything that happened at a later time but any other questions please feel free to ask. as well as any of the Kelm family

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