From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

Contributed by Jay at NEOSI

Ok, heres the whole deal with Squires Castle! I’ve been here for thirteen years and have heard every story out there about the former maids quarters. First, Mrs. Squire died an old lady of natural causes in her home in Willowick in the early 1900’s, not in the basement of the castle. But I’m far from the one to tell you that there’s no supernatural activity there, or in the Metroparks period. I have some pics that are clearly orbs. Keep in mind these few things while viewing these pics.

#1. Im a skeptic, I dont use 35 mm 400 speed film. I use a digital camera, no mistakes and no misprints, just high quality pictures.

#2. Supernatural “beings” or apparatus’ feed on energy. I use really good batteries that last about two weeks, the ones that I had in died in two and a half hours of use, same batteries that usually last a week or two.

#3. I cleaned the lens before every shot, everytime.

#4. My cousin and I grew ill the moment we stepped up to the main entrance of the “castle” and felt like we had no buisiness being ther in the first place, so we left. We bumped into the park rangers on our mission and they confirmed my accusation that during the 60’s and 70’s devil worshiping and animal sacrifices were practiced there often.

Take it for what its worth, but look at the other pics in the squires castle category and make the connection, plus please keep in mind that this was a very clear night and there wasnt a snow flake or dust or rain anywhere in sight. This is the real thing..Im the one on the far right. Notice how clear the picture of us is?


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