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hi, i live in boston hts. i moved here almost 2 years ago, and havent seen anything weird as of yet. but what i do know is that cops patrol the area almost every night. im using this as a warning to those of you who want to go see it. i have been there a few times, and it is pretty cool, the church has been used for a long time as a CHRISTIAN church. i went there with a friend of mine, and it is a very nice church. i have heard stories of dead animals being hung up on trees and such, but i have yet to see that yet. to be honest, i think i was followed by a car with one headlight once. i dont remember if it was a truck or not. i was driving on the road that led to highway to hell, when i reached the dead end i put it in reverse and turned around and went back up the end of the world. i drove for about 5 mins, when a car just showed up behind me. it had one head light, and wasn’t chasing me, it was just following me. it took me about 4 mins to get to my development, i turned left and the car just kept going. i was by myself so no one else can confirm it. I work at a bp in boston hts. and it is a regular stop for the boston hts cops. i wouldent say im friends with them ,but i do know some of them on a first name basis. there all friendly, but are hard asses when it comes to the law. and why shouldent they be? there cops, if there not going to uphold the law, then who is? i asked them about the whole hell town thing, and they just laughed. they told me that kids not only do drugs at the houses, but there have been a few accidents involving the “end of the world” kids who are high and drunk speed up going down the road, and hit little bump before it, and land upside down. My class did a project on helltown, and i also saw an interview with the person who lives right next to the road closed sign. he said that many kids have died in his lawn as a result. the cops didn’t mention anything about the deaths, but i would think that you could die easily. thats just a warning to you guys who want to visit. its a small bump, followed by a 15-20 foot drop, if not more. DONT SPEED GOING DOWN THAT ROAD! it comes upon you all at once, and it doesn’t give you much of a warning. To be honest, i dont think there is much going on in helltown. the spookie garage that was talked about in an older letter, is now renovated, and the whole area around it has turned it to quite a nice bike trail. and let me give you a little bit of advice. it you get pulled over by a cop in that area, and he asked what your doing here, tell them your LOST, ask how you get back to new route 8! it might not get you out of a ticket, but it will help you get out of trouble with the cops. it that helps any. if i missed anything, feel free to email me. im not an expert on helltown, but i do know alot about it. and i will write you back, i promise.

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