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I grew up near Kirtland and used to do what a lot of teenagers did in the 70s — got drunk or high and drove up to see the melon heads in the middle of the night. We visited the usual sights, drove up to the mansion, etc. My friend’s parents laughed at us because they used to do the same thing when they were kids in the 50s. (We didn’t tell them about the drugs and alcohol.)
I went up there often in the summertimes, and can’t say that I remember seeing the melon heads there though I did see what seemed like a woman in white walking in the woods near the bridge where there isn’t a trail that I know of. She almost seemed to glow, but it was a full moon that night so for all I know it was a real woman who was just out walking.
The thing that I do know for sure is that I have seen many ufo’s in Kirtland and we often had missing time when we went to see the melon heads. I know we were drunk or high most of the time, but we all had gaps of time that we couldn’t account for. We could always remember driving up the driveway, but we could never seem to remember going down the driveway. We often woke up hours later in a different place or suddenly coming to driving down the road going back towards civilization. On one occasion, my friend and I only had 1-2 beers, yet we came to quite a distance away and on foot with the sun coming up.
In a different place a few miles from Kirtland, I discovered some interesting tracks which the naturalists at Penitentiary Glen could not identify. I am very interested in knowing if anyone else has found tracks and if so, what did they looked like? I am also very interested in hearing descriptions of melon head sightings. One sighting I was told about when I was a little kid was of a kind of animal with a round head and a lot of sharp teeth which sounds a lot different from the descriptions of encephalitis.
I know there has been satanic activity in Chapin Forest, but I don’t know if that means that it’s connected to the melon head legends? Perhaps there’s multiple strangenesses in Kirtland — ufo’s, melon heads, scientific experiments with encephalitis, and satanic worship?


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