Truck with One Headlight

From the Creepy Cleveland Archives

Contributed by Jason

Dear Creepy Cleveland,

Ive been a fan of Creepy Cleveland for years now, i wrote to you more then two years ago about helltown, my email address then was i have a few updates about helltown, or as i prefer to call it, home. I visited the old abandoned house and i got the impression that people are just over-reacting to the site. Its nothing special, i mean, its just a house. Be it, the house looks empty, when i looked through the windows i could see boxes of stuff, so i believe its being used as a storage facility now. the bus has long since gone, and now there is a motion detector on the house to ward off drunk and stoned kids from the area. But one thing that i will confirm is the one head light car, because it happend to me again since my last email. To start, when i get stressed out, i like to drive around alone, and listen to music very softly. Anyway, i was driving around one night and decided to drive down to helltown, after i got to the top of the “end of the world” i turned around and started to drive back the way i came. about a quarter mile later a car popped up right behind me. Now the thing about this section of the road is there are no streets, well not really anyways, there was nowhere for anyone to turn onto the street that i could see at least. Anyways, it was a dark night, so i think that whoever was driving behind me had turned off his headlight and then turned it on after he had caught up to me. I was pretty weirded out to say the least. But i decided to try something that others haven’t. I kept driving until i reached my development like i had done before, and when i turned, the car with one headlight kept going. Now he was never chasing me, but i am almost positive he was following me, i turned around in an attempt to start following the car. But to my shock, he was turning around himself, in the road farther down the street. As i drove by the car i couldn’t see anyone in it, more or less because it was to dark out, but i did get a good glance at the car. It was an older Ford pickup truck. Dark bluish i think, it also had alot of rust on the bed of the truck, and i was surprised it could drive at all. I got a sick feeling in my stomach right after that. I felt like something was wrong, and i instantly went home. anyways, that’s my story. If you have any questions, feel free to email me and ask. But keep in mind, i do not suggest going to helltown at night, ever. Not cause its haunted, or cult members will kill you or whatever, but because of the heavy police presence at night.

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