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Contributed by Dave

Webmaster’s Note : Dave emailed me and asked if I was interested in some of his stories of the Boston Township area. I readily agreed and wrote him back with a few things that I remember about the area (having been there several times) What follows is mostly Dave’s contribution, with some of my own experiences thrown in to clarify certain things…

…the highway to hell (we called it the end of the world because of a part in the road were it looked like your car was going over a cliff) the road is now permanently closed (too many accidents) The road was unpaved and in dire need of some work. Potholes that were easily a foot deep and as you got further and further into the path (surrounded by woods, mind you) the road became narrower and narrower until it was obvious that if something happened to you back here, you would not be able to turn around…keep going forward, or drive back in reverse over that patch of horrible road.
The house in the woods is an interesting story, There used to be an old bus parked on a concrete slab in front of the house (it was towed away a few months ago to keep people from going back there-gee, it only took them 30-some-odd years) anyway legend has it that back in the late 1960’s (maybe early 1970’s) a bus load of kids were going to one of the ski resorts. They were passing the driveway of the house when an old lady ran down to the road and flagged the bus down. She said there was someone at the house who was seriously hurt. The bus driver pulled down the driveway and up to the house. As the driver was getting off the bus to see what had happened, a group of people ran from the woods and killed him then slaughtered everyone on the bus. Supposedly someone came upon the scene sometime later and found the bus parked on this concrete slab. All the people on the bus were dead and the house looked like it had been deserted for some time. Legend also has it that several attempts had been made to tow the bus away but after several injuries (and a few fatalities) they decided to leave the bus where it was at. (I had visited the bus many times over the years and it was indeed a late 60’s model school bus) there was a school name on the side but I can’t for the life of me remember which district, I know it wasn’t local.
The last time I went down to the house (about 2 or 3 years ago) it still looked very run down but someone had installed new windows (maybe someone was trying to renovate). Also back in 1990 me my friend Damon and his girl friend went back to see the house and off to the side is a gravel path that leads a short way into the woods, we followed it back and at the end of the path was a garage, the garage seemed old, but it had seemed it very recently (at that time) had been aluminum sided (for whatever reason) we opened the door and inside was the largest collection of old junk I’d ever seen, everything in there was circa 1940’s,even the body of a ’48 Ford (just the shell, nothing else) I don’t know if this has anything to do with the supernatural, but it was weird.
We never saw any lights in the house but one night we drove back there and as the headlights hit the bus, it appeared to be brand new and we could all see people sitting in the seats (the seats had been stripped out long ago) there were 6 of us in the car and we all saw the same thing. We got the hell out of there and it took me a long time to go back there after that.

Webmaster’s Note : One of the legends I had heard was that anyone who had spent too much time snooping around the area was eventually chased from the area by a car with one headlight. It happened to us one night (although, looking back I now wouldn’t call it “being chased”) We were followed until we pulled out of the town limits by a car with one headlight. The house in the woods was theorized as being the source of the cars that did the chasing. Another story involves someone pulling into the driveway of the house in the woods – when suddenly the house was flooded with light (both inside and in the yard) – the trespassers escaped, but (you’ve guessed it already haven’t you?) were chased from town by a car with one headlight…

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