Creepiest place I have ever encountered

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Contributed by barkingspider

I grew up in kirtland off of booth road right up against the arboretum,i couldn`t help but notice in your postings about the melon heads nobody mentions the springs(unless i missed it) Myself and my friends had many strange encounters in and around the arboretum area,there are also rumors of bigfoot sightings in the area,my brother for example SWEARS he saw one off of wisner road,i also noticed that nobody mentions mystery hill(its a very strange optical illusion)all i can say for sure is that there is a LOT MORE going on in that little town than meets the eye,i have heard from various sources that much of the town is located on old indian burial mounds,i don`t know if there is any truth to that or not,but interestingly enough we had a very large mound in my backyard when i was a kid in what was otherwise a flat field of about 3 acres.I can also attest to the fact that in the early 70`s ourselves and several neighbors had tents set up in our yards that were COMPLETELY shredded by something,and i`m talking about the old style heavy canvas boy scout type tents,like i said there’s more to that lil town than meets the eye,well thanks for letting me reminisce a lil bit about one of the creepiest places i have ever encountered,i haven`t lived there in over 25 yrs but talking about it still gives me goosebumps

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