I saw a UFO by Helltown tonight. I’m not joking.

This is gonna sound unbelievable and insane. I thought I wasn’t doing anything for Halloween, but my friends invited me to go with them to a place we wanted to check out for a long time and I couldn’t pass that shit up.

Me and my friends Corey and Chuck decided to go to Helltown for halloween. For those of you who don’t know about Helltown:


We found it and got there, but drove through because we saw a county sheriff chilling at a corner on the road. We decided to drive back down the road, but turned because the roads out there were really narrow and windy and it was pretty fun to drive on. So we headed back towards Cleveland taking a new way, but we got in an argument about how long it was going to take to get back, and ultimately decided to go back to Helltown. We turned around here, at Snowville and Riverview Roads in Brecksville, Ohio.

Boston Heights, OH Map

We looked behind us North to see if there were any cars coming, and there it was in the sky, one of those black triangles (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_triangle_(UFO)). Just hovering there. No sound (we turned off the radio and put the windows down). Me and my friend attempted to take pictures and a video, but our phones are low res and crappy and all we got was black with me and my friend saying “holy shit” and “look at that” a lot.

After the initial shock, my friend decided it was best to take off. Call us pussies, I don’t care. We went back down to Helltown, and seen as how we were excited from the UFO sighting, decided to try and explore a “haunted” cemetary there and got busted by cops before we even got off the road. We left.

Crazy fucking night.

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