So a few friends and I the other night decided to go out to kirtland and go to cry baby bridge and all that nonsense. Well nothing happened as usual and my friend said that we should go to the KKK houses. I have never heard of them. The kkk houses are 2 abandoned home located on Hayes dr. right across the street from Squires castle. You pull down hayes and go all the way down until you reach a no trespassing sign. From what i have heard the two houses were used to hold any non caucaison people in and torture. When you walk up to the first house you see a bunch of cages on the side of the path that they apperantly removed from the first home and they use to hold the people in these cages. The second home is a little bit deeper in the woods, You walk through a wood doorway that is located on hayes and follow the paths until you cross a bridge and not too far is the home. I am assuming that people still party there because there was newer lawn chairs just sitting there. There was also an spperant confederate flag hanging on a flag pole but i couldnt see the flag because it was so dark. We didn’t go into either of the homes because we only had cell phones for light. I am curious to see if the kkk houses are really kkk houses not just abandonded homes. It makes for a great story and another place to add to your website. If you find anything out it would be great if u could let me know the REAL story of the ‘kkk’ houses.

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  1. When I went, I was scarred as fuck.
    You should go, regardless, theirs dead dogs, and shit. But I went in four times and I'm good.


  2. I decided to check out these "KKK" houses… and was happy to find out that the story here is mostly false. Yeah, if you walk down Hayes, the first houses are definitely creepy, but not abandoned – the driveway out front has 3 cars in it. And the cages "used to hold people in" are just dog cages. For dogs. The rest of Hayes is some really nice secluded houses. The only scary thing was towards the end of the road is a house with a HUGE dog – I swear it looks like a bear.

    So, if you go there, don't expect much. You'll have a better time crossing the street and checking out Squire's Castle!

  3. Well I've down around that area. My wife and took a few trips to Crybaby Bridge many years ago when we were still dating. It would have been the late 90's probably. I do vaugely remember stories about the KKK down there. Maybe even a little bit about the houses but we never knew where they were. I grew up in Akron and my teenage years were during the 90's. So theses stories were alive in our neighborhood. Let me know if you find out anything more. I'm very interested to hear.

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