from: Chris Smith

I hope this gets posted. I have been intrigued by the story of Gore Orphanage since I read about it years ago. Yesterday, I finally visited the location. I took camera’s and shot pictures of every interesting angle I could. The stone pillar, the rocks, the river and one of the corn field. I found, in one photograph, an image of a ghost boy. Very Creepy. Check it out – decide for yourself. I also found a masonry nail on the site. I heard a noise and looked in the direction. . .I bent over, moved a rock and there it was. All rusty and corroded. I kept the relic as a souvenir. I heard children laughing, and maybe a grunt or moan. It was all very faint, and it was daytime, but it was enough to keep me interested. Also, a stone fell from the sky. As if maybe someone was up in a tree trying to prank us. Well they succeeded. I jumped 3 ft. and my friend’s and I all kinda laughed it off. Lucky it didn’t hit me, I’d have been the thing to be afraid of then! Anyways, I hope these pics illustrate the factual evidence of a ghost boy ( Jacob? ). You decide. THE GHOST IS LOCATED IN THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE WOODS IN THE PIC. I CIRCLED IT WITH A FAINT BLACK OVAL CIRCLE. THERE MAY EVEN BE ANOTHER BOY STANDING NEXT TO HIM. SPOOKY AS HELL.

Webmaster Note: The circle is really hard to see. And once I found it I didn’t see anything that looked like a person. What am I missing? – Chuck

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5 thoughts on “Photograph of Ghost Boy at Gore Orphanage

  1. The "boy" is just our eyes playing tricks on us. I see it to, but it's just leaves and shadows. I can't imagine that wooded areas in the daytime are the best places to catch actual ghost photos because there is a lot going on It's easy to see something that isn't really there; especially when you're trying to hard to find it. As for the children you heard, could it have been birds in the distance? Again, you're really wanting to hear children so maybe that influences you a bit. As for the rock falling from the sky as if someone was in a tree playing a prank…I think you could be half right. I threw a small battery in the Jaite Paper Mill a few years back to scare my friends..but I couldn't contain my laughter. Trust your friends?

  2. So I went to gore today just to check it out not too creepy but I found a spot that was so beautiful. The spot was just so different soo much color so bright but the rest of the woods was gloomy and not so pert. I don't have much on this picture. we heard a grunt too but no children. we even heard horses hooves just hitting the road. maybe it wasn't horses maybe something else but it was a bit exciting.

  3. I just captured the image, zoomed in and cleared up the resolution. Lo and behold…you were looking at a leaf. James Randi, where are you now?

  4. wow! the short haircut, those old knee high britches. he looks young like 7 or 8. and this was daytime!? man, imagine what happens there at night!

  5. It is very had to see but i found it. It does kind of look like a boy you have to look real close though,looks like a boy with dark hair. He also looks like he is wearing older clothing.

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