from: Tom McCaffrey

I have a story about the melon heads from Chardon. You see the pictures that you have by the bridge is on the wrong end of Wisner Road. Wisner Road was washed out by Wisner Creek about 30 years ago. You see I am have lived near the melon heads all my life.The melon heads live on the north side of Wisner. You must get to this section of Wisner Road by traveling down Mitchell Mills. You see Melon Heads have all been contained and are living with the aid of the government. There is a building on Mitchell Mills Road that has an electrified fence that is 20 foot tall. This is were the Melon Heads live. If you come visit you will be most likely approached by a Park Ranger. Please look at this ranger. He is not a ranger but a secret government agent in disguised as a Park Ranger. They have a military haircut and carry weapons that are unimaginable for any park. Also there is not park within 15 miles of this area. We believe that these so called Rangers have a license to Kill. This is an expiations for numerous disappearances in our area. The residents believe that we have figured out what the melon heads are. They are descendants from the Aliens that were transferred from Roswell and Hangar 18 near Dayton.

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8 thoughts on “Melon Heads

  1. wow… so FAKE but incredibly entertaining!! 😀

    "Please look at this ranger. He is not a ranger but a secret government agent in disguised as a Park Ranger."

    oh my god, this is HILARIOUS!!

  2. yeah, i live in willoughby hills, right next to kirtland. everyone talks about all the melonheads and whatnot. not sure if i believe that, but this story- total bs. and i'm pretty sure it's not acid, it's gotta be a mental disease.

  3. He isn't on acid, he just likes making up bullshit. Its people like this that make it so hard to sort out real paranormal stories with the fake. Although this one isn't even close to sounding plausable. Dumb fucking shit-head.

  4. I'd agree with Vin. I've lived in the area all my life, and worked at the barn at the corner of Wisner and Mentor Roads for quite some time. There are many parks around the area, the biggest being the Holden Arboretum. There are some large fences, due to electic and maintenance areas within the parks. I've heard many different melon-head tales, but this is definetly the most unlikely.

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