from: Meredith Stewart

I am writing in response to those who refuse to believe that anything happened.
I have gone to Gore Orphanage on many occasions. Sometimes because I want a thrill, other times because I want to show it to my friends. I love that place. Nothing in the world scares me more than Gore Orphanage.

I have at least been there about 6 or 7 times, since December of 2006. There have been times where I’ve gone and nothing has happened. Sometimes, you need to be lucky to get something to happen.

I have learned that the later at night you go, there is more of a chance for something to happen. The latest I’ve gone is at 3AM, when the brink of death is at it’s closest. [Watch Exorcism Of Emily Rose for a good reference]

One of my most memorable moments at Gore Orphanage is when I went with six people. Four of them hadn’t been there at the time, so it was kind of a thrill for them to go because they didn’t know what to expect.

My boyfriend and I arrived at the remains, and I was standing on a squared looking rock looking into the hole where you need to go in [we couldn’t go in because it was flooded]. As soon as I stepped on the rock, I heard a little girl say hi to me. And then in a blink of an eye, all six of us heard loud gasps and a graveled laughter. Then, we heard foot steps of people running for us. So, of course we started to freak out… but before I took off running, I took a picture of the area where we heard the laughter and in the picture 2 red eyes came up.

I will have you know that there was NO animal in that area, because we looked. There was nothing over there. Just a fallen tree branch, that was it.

However, I would like to warn everyone to NOT go during deer season. The park rangers are on night shift there and are watching the area for deer hunters and fishers… and probably curious teenagers who are killing time for a thrill. I should know because we went a couple nights ago and the crazy ex sheriff and a park ranger found us and made us leave.

Also, on our way home that night, I was looking at the window and a little picture of a flower was on my window. No kids have ever rode in that car, and no one has ever rode in the backseat, at least where I was sitting. Strange? Yeeeeeees.

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  1. I grew up around a woman who was one of the children at Gore Orphanage when it burned down. I myself have gone out there twice in my life with a big group of teens at night to check out the rumors, but never experienced anything unusual. However, I would like to know who these people are to document that the hauntings & unwxplained things that occurred are only rumors made up? The woman I grew up with has told me the rumors were true about the children being mistreated, neglected, starved & punished for being less fortunate and that in fact, children did actually die in the fire. I never asked her how many children or how the fire actually started, but I do believe her story, if anyone would know the real truth about Gore Orphanage, it would be her, not some book writer who goes off his belief as to what really happened. When she found out I had visited the site, she asked me not to ever go back, she said some things are not meant to be disturbed, I am 41 yrs old now & respecting her wishes….as to this day…I never returned.

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